Roadside Riches Framework

Be your own boss and in control of your schedule. We will help you open and operate your own roadside stand and start making money on day 1…Guaranteed!
Join the Roadside Republic family today! Take your financial freedom and independence into your own hands. You don’t need 10,000 hours to be a skilled roadside entrepreneur, just a few tools, some easy lessons and a mentor!

The Roadside Republic Difference

Roadside Republic’s mission is to help people establish their own business. My son, Finn, and I know that the pathway to financial independence is not an easy one, which is why I developed a proven business blueprint. Within a few short months you can achieve financial success!

Shannon Houchin

Shannon Houchin is a proud single mother who achieved financial freedom with Roadside Republic to fully support her family. When starting Roadside Republic, Shannon had no guide on how to get the best possible produce, secure proper licensing and permits, or build upon a successful stand to generate even more income with low costs. [So she created the business blueprint from scratch!] With these lessons behind her, she wants to pass on her years of experience onto you!
Building a 6-Figure Business Flipping Peaches

Finn Canard

Finn Canard is now a college freshman (holy peach pie!) but he has been working at Roadside Republic with me since he was just 11 years old. This past summer Finn ran his own roadside stand business and made enough money in 2 months to pay for all 9 months of his first academic year of college!

Join The Roadside Republic Revolution

There has never been a better time to establish a business and build up your financial freedom and financial independence. If you are passionate about stimulating the local economy, want to utilize locally sourced food, and want to return to simpler times, then Roadside Republic is here to help!

Join the Roadside Republic family today! Take your financial freedom and independence into your own hands with our free webinar here.


If you want to learn from experts in the business and skip the learning curve, you don’t want to miss this!
Randy Jones
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