So, you’ve got a fantastic product and you’re itching to get it in front of as many eyes as possible. Pop-up shops are your answer! These temporary storefronts are a brilliant way to showcase your brand, meet your customers face-to-face, and yes, boost those sales. But where should you set up shop? Here’s a list of ten venues that I have tried and had success with over the years.



    • #1 Farmers Markets: Think beyond veggies and fruits (although that’s what I do). These local hubs are teeming with shoppers looking for unique, handmade finds. It’s a great spot to mingle, get feedback, make sales and begin to get your name out there.


    • #2 Sip & Shop Markets: Who doesn’t love shopping with a drink in hand? These are the most heavily trafficked and most fun, in my opinion. These events are relaxed shopping experiences and perfect for businesses that cater to a lifestyle audience.


    • #3 Office Space Vendor Markets: Imagine catching professionals during their coffee breaks or lunch hours. Setting up in co-working spaces or large office complexes can introduce your products to a new, captive audience. to be honest, these venues are hit or miss for me. I do find, however, if you sell a product that has sugar, you’re pop up shop will be a hit!


    • #4 Inside Complimenting Businesses: It’s like a business blind date! Team up with a business that complements yours. If you sell gourmet teas, why not pop up inside a bookstore? I often pop up inside a small bodega and offer fresh produce in partnership with the other grocery goods.


    • #5 Food Truck Parks: Foodies unite! These parks are vibrant, bustling, and attract diverse crowds. It’s not just about food; it’s about the experience. Add your unique offering to the mix. At minimum, these are great venues to hand out cards and get noticed because these shoppers are your shoppers and they will be looking for you at other events.


    • #6 Neighborhood Association Events: Local is the new global. Setting up at these events can help you build a loyal, community-driven customer base. Partnering with homeowners associations has been a win/win year after year. Residents love it when we set up at the community pool and they can shop just after work. We always sell big when we sell in neighborhoods.


    • #7 Festivals and Fairs: Music, art, or even a county fair — these events are big, loud, and full of potential customers looking for the next cool thing. These are probably the costliest venues of all, with vendor fees well into the hundreds of dollars. The upside is heavy traffic over several days in an atmosphere where people are primed to spend money.


    • #8 Block Parties: It’s all about community vibes. Engage with families, meet the locals, and become a neighborhood favorite. These neighborhood popups continue to be a major attraction for us. I’ve even started coordinating for other pop up shops to join us, making it a big evening/weekend event.


    • #9 Art Festivals: If your products have an artistic flair, these festivals can be goldmines. From handmade crafts to unique prints, art lovers are always on the lookout for their next purchase. Think prints of peaches! Gorgeous.


    • #10 Conferences and Trade Shows: These might sound a bit formal, but they’re packed with people actively looking for new products and ideas. Whether it’s a niche hobby conference or a massive industry trade show, there’s a space for your business. And if you have an unexpected product like us, everyone stops at your booth to chat and take a look.

Pop-ups are more than just temporary stands; they’re opportunities. They allow you to connect, learn, and grow. They’ve helped us grow a rising 6-figure pop up shop business for the last decade.

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