From $330 startup to $125k in revenues

On the weekends, The Roadside Stand, owned and operated by Shannon Houchin and son Finn Canard, sells out of produce so quickly, they wonder if their  startup stand has gone viral on TikTok. Viral business is everything these days!

An entrepreneur for the last twenty years, Shannon has made a career out of discovering and nurturing business models that seem obscure, impossible, or too pedestrian for 7-figure incomes. Back in 2013, a friend talked her into learning the peach business and she spent the summer in South Carolina buying and reselling peaches at over 100 roadside stands. 

In May of this year, Shannon and Finn took $330 of seed money and bought produce to sell at one of their roadside stands. All summer, they have been reporting on their sales, customer base and strategies on social media, using the roadside stand as a case study for people who want a scalable side hustle that has real income. Through Facebook marketing and ads, they quickly added thousands of people to their daily feeds of gorgeous peaches, cantaloupes and watermelons, enticing customers to visit their locations.

Shannon took to featuring the dozens of students working the peach stands and their college pursuits. The community loved it and supported the business’s growth and success, pushing the little peach stand that could to over $125,000 in produce sales in less than 3 months. 

The secret to The Roadside Stand’s immediate success is the outstanding connection Shannon and Finn have with their customer base. Everyone is a friend, stories about the roadside stands of old are swapped and every peach, green bean, and tomato is guaranteed to please, or they replace it for free.

Shannon and Finn are already planning for next year’s season and intend to expand services to include a Peach Tour in TX and local deliveries. This will allow the duo to enlist more students to help run the business and provide a larger training ground for roadside stand startups in their network. 

“Our goal in the next five years is to teach as many students and families as possible how to run their own peach stands to fund college tuition and expenses. Living under the burden of student loan debt, or any debt for that matter,  is no way to live,” Shannon said. 

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