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Join the Roadside Republic family today! Take your financial freedom and independence into your own hands. You don’t need 10,000 hours to be a skilled roadside entrepreneur, just a few tools, some easy lessons and a mentor!

Hello, we are Roadside Republic!

Ever miss the good-ol’-days, when you would stop by your local fruit stand and get fresh, locally sourced produce!? Look no further!

Happy people, easy flowing conversation, smiles all around, and the smell of peaches filling the tent with sweet aromas that take people back to simpler times! Our mission at Roadside Republic is to provide the community with a source of joy, a sense of belonging, and locally sourced and delicious produce.

serving the community for nearly a decade

Shannon Houchin and her son, Finn Canard, have enjoyed serving the community for nearly a decade and want to pass on the joys of entrepreneurship and the freedom it can provide to you. We are here to provide a place where aspiring entrepreneurs can live free, have fun, and work towards the glory of financial freedom!

An expert in research

Shannon has a master’s degree in information science, which means that she is an expert in research. She was able to take her analytical skills and apply them to multiple fields. She’s won awards in journalism and previously held a job as the COO of a software development company. After the pandemic hit in 2020 and the lockdown, however, she struggled like the millions of other Americans to find her footing in the new reality that is life in America. She created Roadside Republic to break free of the constraints and is ready to show exactly how you can do the same.


When I was getting started...
Raising my son has not been an easy task, but it is one that I am immensely proud of. There were times of hardship, as I was ridden with debt trying to raise enough income to both save for my son’s college tuition as well as provide a stable household. With Roadside Republic, I was able to achieve both financial freedom while simultaneously instilling my son with a hard work ethic and business prowess. All in all, I wouldn’t change a thing!
And then...
Starting a business is hard work, and anyone that tells you anything different is probably looking to sell you something. With that being said, starting a business and becoming a self-made entrepreneur becomes much easier with a pre-existing guideline to financial success.
Making it work...
When starting my peach stand, and subsequently Roadside Republic, I unfortunately did not have access to resources and guides to demonstrate how to grow my business. As a result, I wanted to give back to the community by showing people the steps on how to establish a reliable source of income through communal produce distribution, or whatever it is you want to sell.
My Breakthrough…
I had a small amount of cash from the stimulus payments, and I normally may have spent that money on a vacation (which because of the pandemic, wasn’t happening anytime soon). Instead I decided to fund a brand-new startup. Something that was of vital importance in the new time period that we live in—a way to bring the community together as a whole while having a low cost of business with high profitability.
But Then...
And just like that, Roadside Republic was born. I was sitting in my home office in my PJs and slippers enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, and I realized that what we need is a movement. A network of small roadside stands that offer locally sourced produce for the members of the community to enjoy.
Finding greater purpose...
This is the way that I can Make America Great Again! An opportunity to not just provide the community with delectable fresh produce, but a way to create friendly conversations and bond over a sense of community. Together we can forge ahead in unity, as opposed to separation.
And now...
I have found a way to not only generate a passive income that provides a low bar for entry and has room for nearly infinite profitability, but a way that you can help mend the divisions in your community. With the $1500 stimulus covering the initial startup costs, Roadside Republic was able to generate nearly $40,000 in income over the span of five months in 2020 from Memorial Day weekend to November 1st.
Happy customers...
Not only was I able to turn a profit of over $38,000, but it was also the most fun I have ever had launching and running a business. I researched tirelessly—all the permitting, zoning, business licensing requirements in my area, which area worked best to establish the stand, which local farmers markets and produce wholesalers worked best. It was a lot of work, but nothing beat being able to see the happy and smiling faces from my customers.
Roadside Republic Peach Stand

I want to bring a sense of engagement and support to more communities!

I have found a unique approach to starting a side hustle, while getting back in touch with community. I want to pass on that gift to others that both long to have a form of community engagement, as well as to those that want to have an additional source of income.

The process was long and hard, but it was incredibly fruitful (pardon the pun). I discovered that there was no clear “blueprint” for what I was doing, so I decided to create it. Now Roadside Republic is here to serve communities across the nation and establish a community-centered form of regenerative income.

Now you are probably reading this and thinking to yourself, “there is no way that I would be able to set up a fruit stand and make over $35,000 dollars in a summer."

That couldn’t be further from the truth! You have the ability to become an expert in community-based resource development. I created Roadside Republic to teach and educate entrepreneurs looking to not only find a reliable source of income, but to also strengthen a sense of community.

To learn how I started and scaled my peach business, sign up at the link below to join the hundreds of others that seek out financial freedom! Join today and I will walk you through the 3 top steps you need to know in order to startup your own produce stand.

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