Best Side Hustle You’ve Never Heard About

It seems that tales and stories of side hustles are everywhere in 2022, like this recent article from CNBC. From delivery drivers, to dog walkers, to furniture flippers, the gig economy sure shows signs that it’s here to stay. In fact, a recent survey of Americans by FinanceBuzz showed that 22% of Americans polled had taken a side job as a way to supplement current incomes. 

One thing all these stories have in common: they feature the exact same side gigs…so those 22% of Americans now working a side hustle for additional income are competing for the same jobs.


But what if I told you there is a gig that very few people are doing and one that has an earning income of $4,000-$10,000 a month?

This hedge-against-inflation side hustle is the best thing since sliced bread…better even.

It’s a low cost to startup, like under $500 to begin. 

It’s low risk. 

It’s scalable.

It’s quick to start, like you can be up and running and earning money all on the same day.

It’s recession proof.

And it’s EASY. Anyone can do it…even teens. It’s the best entry point to new income for bootstrappers and newbies, and the learning curve is short. You could educate yourself on how to get started in a single afternoon.

So what am I talking about?

Roadside farm stands.

Let me give you some numbers.

I started this summer produce season with $400 in my pocket. I spent that cash on May 18th and bought peaches. I set up my 1st peach stand and made 3x my money.

So I went and picked up another load of peaches…this time buying $800 in peaches and some other complimentary produce, like cantaloupe.

Guess what happened? Sales snowballed…I made 3x that investment. And so on and so on over the course of the summer. 

Fast forward 30 days, and I now buy $6,000 worth of peaches and produce to sell for the weekend.

So think about that: In 36 days, I went from a $400 investment in inventory to a $6,000 investment. That’s a lot of peaches, y’all. And a lot of revenue. I am generating some serious cash.

What kind of serious cash? The 3-month peach season grosses $150,000 in revenue.

Two people.

Three months.

$400 startup cost.

$150,000 in revenues.

And guess what? Very few people are doing this. Even fewer know that the opportunity even exists. 

With a summer season of sales in the 6-figures like this, you can: pay off debt, Dave Ramsey style. Or bankroll that emergency fund Ramsey is always talking about. 

You can save for big ticket purchases like the down payment on a house or college tuition–keep the kids out of student loan debt.

This side gig has the potential to be a true game changer for your family’s finances. 


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