Freedom is Control in your own Life

I talk to a lot of people every week about their desires, wishes, and goals. And you know what the Number 1 thing most people want?

Freedom to control their own schedule

Parents want freedom to volunteer at the kids’ school and go on friend trips and participate in school events.

Adults want the freedom to prioritize their days as demands come up…like when the car has to be repaired immediately and they need 3 hours to handle it in the middle of the day.

My friend Megan for example…she has 4 kids and a busy real estate business. She helped her kids set up their own roadside stand peach business last summer. She was able to schedule time working with her children at the stand and getting them to and from the stand during the week…none of the kids have a license yet.

The kids were able to work the stand as a family. Megan knew they were spending their summer wisely…learning business, responsibilities, and earning income towards their college funds.

The kids were making a great income which provided massive relief to Megan’s wallet and her peace of mind.

By setting up a family roadside stand, Megan was able to have more freedom in her schedule. She can help build her children’s skills and confidence. And the big impact? Paying towards big ticket items like college…I mean, she has 1 child in college and 3 more headed that way.

The relief and freedom Megan gained from this one small business decision to open a roadside stand for the summer has led to a world of new possibilities for her family.

So how about you, my friend? What freedoms would you like in your life right now?

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