Join the Roadside Republic family today! Take your financial freedom and independence into your own hands. You don’t need 10,000 hours to be a skilled roadside entrepreneur, just a few tools, some easy lessons and a mentor!

Roadside Republic Academy & Coaching Program

Learn how to open and operate a roadside stand, making a profit your very first day in business. After nearly a decade running hundreds of roadside stands across the country, I am breaking down WHY you should open a roadside stand and why it’s like having your own personal ATM. Come and learn how to open, where to open, what to sell, where to buy product, how to price your goods, what kinds of licensing might be needed, where to find customers, how to market and advertise and how to sell from your roadside stand all year long.

I’ll give you all of my checklists, spreadsheets, pricing guides, policies & procedures guides, training manuals, sales pitches and much more.

Personalized Roadside Game Plan

Designing your own personal game plan for your roadside stand business is critical. This is where we dig deep into your dreams, desires, needs and wants and create a business blueprint that works for you, your area, your products and your lifestyle. We cover everything from where to set up, the design of your roadside stands, what to sell based on locality and availability, operations procedures, hiring, bookkeeping, hours of operation, how many stands to operate, who to hire, and more.

Pop Up Stand Secrets

Pop Up Stands are the ultimate roadside stand…because they’re mobile and can go virtually anywhere there is an audience. Think gift markets, neighborhood events, farmers markets, co-op spaces, etc. In this course, I teach you everything I know about running your own pop up stand business. From unique and create locations to set up to wildly popular products that guarantee sales, pop up stand secrets is a way to take your roadside stand business mobile and simple for a team of 1 or 100.

Roadside Social Media Marketing

Social media can be so overwhelming…there is so many platforms and a sea of content! How does anyone get noticed? With a 20+ year background in sales, marketing, advertising and copy writing, I am going to teach you how to get it all done without losing your mind! We will cover everything you need to know to market your roadside stand. What social media to use, how to create engaging content, how to find your ideal customers and get their attention, creating a personalized 12-month calendar of roadside stand content, running ads on social media, how to get the word out in your community about your roadside stand.

How to Flip $500 into $1500 Your 1st Week

Getting started can be very affordable. I’ll show you how you can get your own roadside stand open for as little as $500 and make a profit the same week. 

  1. Put cash profit in your pocket the same week you open–this means you make money from day 1!
  2. Reserve cash for additional purchases and upgrades for your stand–build as you go–this means you don’t have to all the money to start right from the get go…you can shortcut the process!
  3. Low barrier to actually opening and operating a roadside stand–this means you can open with less and still make lots of money.