Sell Summer Peaches and Avoid Student Loan Debt

Roadside Republic Peach Stand
Summer Peach Stand

The typical cost of a 4-year college degree is north of $400,000 today, increasing at a rate of 6.8 percent year over year, according to the Education Data Initiative. And the average annual cost of tuition is now $35,331 which includes books, supplies and living expenses.

These figures represent considerable financial hurdles for students and parents alike. But that’s not the end of it. The long term impacts of borrowing money for college is staggering:

“The average monthly student loan payment is an estimated $460 based on previously recorded average payments and median average salaries among college graduates,” the EDI states on their website.

  • The average borrower takes 20 years to repay their student loan debt.
  • The average student loan accrues $26,000 in interest alone over 20 years (at the rounded average interest rate of 6%).
  • Up to 67.1% of the average borrower’s total cost of repayment is generated interest.


Whoa! Shocking statistics, right? How can anyone afford this kind of college debt?

In order to avoid the need for student loans and have the opportunity to pay for college tuition as it came due, I taught my son the business of selling peaches during the summer months.

The year Finn graduated from high school, he opened 2 roadside peach stands and operated them from Memorial Day weekend until he left for college in mid-August. (What started as a way to pay for college has turned into a community destination and people come from miles around to buy peaches from (The Roadside Stand).

During that period, he earned enough income to pay for college tuition, plus take care of living expenses for the 9 months he was away at school. Talk about the ultimate side hustle! Three months of work for 9 months of income!

And all of this was accomplished by selling peaches from a roadside stand.

What we do

We work with orchards in Texas and bring the ripe peaches to our stands and sell them. Our stands have become a destination in our area and people come from miles around to buy peaches and other produce from us.

I’m known locally as The Peach Lady, lol.

We run our roadside stands 7 days a week from 9am-7pm and profit $1500-$2500 a week from each stand. This has been our pathway to financial freedom and financial independence.

The great thing about the peach business is that the startup cost for a college student is minor: students can get started with their own roadside stand for as little as $500 and start making a profit the same day they open. No more student loans!

By the end of peach season, students can leave with $25,000-$35,000 of income to use for college.

Pretty sweet deal (peach puns aside)!

Roadside Republic Peach Stand

Finn found some really excellent locations for his peach stands at busy local businesses and set up in the parking lot. With heavy traffic flow in and out of the businesses, he captured a lot of customer attention and had great sales.

With help from me, he learned how to effectively sell and create repeat customers, which is feeding his business for the new 2022 season.

Finn operates his roadside stands with help from his classmates and friends and it has turned out to be a benefit to them as well. The pay, plus the tips for a 5-hour shift is excellent, sometimes totaling as much as $150. We are helping students embark on their own debt free journey, and I have to say, that feels pretty darn good.

All in all, the peach stands are a win-win-win: for Finn, his friends who work the stands, and for the customers who get access to the best peaches in the state.

Here are my 10 steps to starting a roadside peach stand in order to pay for college:

  1. Identify all growers, farms and orchards in your area.
  2. Broker for peaches and establish a good markup.
  3. Find an awesome high-traffic, high visibility location.
  4. Check with the city to determine if a permit or license is needed.
  5. Utilize banners, flags and signage to let customers know what you sell.
  6. Recruit family and friends to help run the stand.
  7. Sell effectively and start creating raving fans for your business.
  8. Use social media to market your business.
  9. Become an expert on peaches and educate your customers.
  10. Create a brand for your business that customers will remember for next season.


What would you say if your kids could earn an entire academic year’s tuition during the summer while they were home?

How would that impact their future?

Finn and I can show you how to do this…

Visit us at Roadside Royalty for more information!