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Case Studies

Sarah's Backstory

Sarah and her husband own a real estate brokerage in Utah. They have a family with 6 children and as a concerned parent, Sarah was became interested in the foods her family ate and where they came from. She set out on a mission to source and supply local, fresh foods to her family. What started as a mission became a passion and before long, Sarah was selling local honey out of her garage. She had the idea that her passion could turn into a business, but she didn’t really know how to start.

She desired a side hustle away from the real estate company that would allow her to include her children, set her own flexible part time schedule, and make some money.

Her challenge was that she was selling honey from her home and selling from your home has all kinds of obstacles, least of all retail traffic in and out of a residential neighborhood.

Sarah came to me for help creating a customized plan for her honey business that would allow her only to work on the weekends, with her children and make $2500. So we developed a blueprint for her business that did just that.

But first we had to overcome the fact she was paying too much for her honey and that in order for her business to hit the target of $2500 a week, Sarah needed to add other premium products to her business that sell really well, such as peaches.

Over a few coaching sessions, Sarah was able to negotiate petter prices for her honey, add more premium products to her business for a low cost, and she cut out the middle men which were increasing her overhead.

Sarah settled on a popup stand format for her business that allowed her the flexibility and part time hours she needed in order to still devote time to her family. She branded her popup stand stand business as Peach and Bee Produce and over a single season, it quickly became the go-to in her community for fresh, locally sourced produce. Sarah has the added benefit of working with her children and teaching them entrepreneurship and community engagement, something that brings her and her children a great source of pride and joy.

Georgina Selling Watermelon

Georgina is an elementary school teacher from Louisiana with a 30-plus year career teaching children. She loves her profession and doesn’t desire to retire quite yet, but also wants a bit more money in her retirement accounts as she edges closer to that date.

With off time during the summer months, she toyed with the idea of a part time business that would produce a nice income to supplement her teacher salary. She really desired something that would work for her on the weekends, and that wouldn’t require a lot of ongoing management or labor as she liked to spend her free time with her grandchildren and family. The ideal side hustle!

She became interested in produce as she was surrounded by farms and orchards, but didn’t know the profit margins or prices she could buy and sell at. After joining Roadside Republic and opening her eyes to the endless possibilities with produce profits, we developed a plan for bulk produce offers, how she would sell a truckload of inventory fast, and for how much.

Georgina was able to successfully negotiate with small local growers in Alabama for bulk peaches and bulk watermelons and acquired a truckload of both. To keep costs and overhead low, she drove out to pick up the load herself. The growers loaded everything for her (she didn’t have to touch any of the produce herself!).

Since she had the goal of keeping overhead to as close to $0 as possible, Georgina faced the obstacle of where to set up and sell and for how long would she need to be there? She didn’t want to commit to any leases, so the challenge was in finding somewhere free. We determined the best place for her to sell from was an open lot.

From a hardware store parking lot, with minimal advertising other than Facebook, Georgina was able to sell in bulk quantities her entire load of watermelons and peaches. She had assistance on the sale days, helping her unload the trucks and distribute the produce to waiting customers.

In a weekend, she was able to profit $4,500 from her peach sales and over $800 in watermelon sales for a total net profit of $5,300–over a weekend.

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